How To Listen

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An Introduction to Internet Radio and Podcasting

Natural Moms Talk Radio is an Internet Radio Show and Podcast.

An Internet Radio Show is simply an audio program that you listen to on the internet.

A Podcast is an audio program that is delivered via an RSS (Really Simple Syndication) Feed.

Listen Online:

You can listen to the show online by visiting our site at and clicking “Listen Now”. A new window will open - now just click the play button and enjoy!


If you prefer to listen on an Mp3 player or just like to download and listen on your computer while you’re offline - you’ll want to subscribe to our Podcast feed. If you already have an RSS Reader installed on your computer - you probably know how this works, just add our feed:

If you have never used an RSS Reader before - We recommend the free RSS Reader available from Just download the Reader and then follow the instructions given to add new feeds. It’s easy and once you have it set up, it will automatically download our new shows for you every week. You can play the audios right in the Enterprising Moms Reader or open them in your favorite media player.

To transfer our audio files to your Mp3 player, please follow your manufacturer’s instructions.

Tip - An RSS Reader can also be used to track your favorite Blogs!

If you don’t want to mess with an RSS Reader at all, but would like to download an Mp3 file, just visit the Podcast page: grab it! It’s totally ok with us!

If you have never listened to Internet Talk Radio you may have a few challenges in getting started. Please read through these troubleshooting hints if you have any trouble.

The first biggest hint is: When you click on our “Play” link, a player is launched and this is a small window that opens. If you have a pop up stopper operating on your computer, you will need to hold down the “Control” button on your keyboard as you click the play button.

Make sure your speaker wire or headset is plugged in. Check your audio volume controls and make sure the mute box isn’t checked. If you don’t have computer speakers - any portable radio headset will work!

Minimum system requirements to listen to internet radio: 90 MHz or faster Intel Pentium processor (or equivalent CPU), Windows 95, Windows 98, or Windows NT 4.0 with Service Pack 3 32 MB RAM, 30 MB free space on your hard disk, 16-bit sound card and speakers 65,000-color or better video display card, 28.8Kbps or faster Internet connection and web browser. You will also need to have Macromedia Flash installed.

If you have an older computer or a particularly slow connection, you will find it difficult to listen.